How to light a Kitchen!

How to light up your kitchen!
Kitchens have always been and always will be a practical area of a home, however they are also increasingly being used as living and entertaining areas, especially with open plan models now being such a popular choice amongst many home owners. There are several ways to light a kitchen and almost endless options of light fittings that can assist you in ensuring you choose the correct light/s for your kitchen area. One thing everyone can agree on is getting the right light level is essential!
Ceiling Lights
Recessed lights are still probably the most common installed lights in kitchens as they are installed in quantities around the room that allow strong light levels in certain areas, however many customers also opt for high lumen bulkhead or flush ceiling lights which can provide the light level that they require. In our recessed lights collection we include some wonderful crystal downlights which can also add a luxury look to your interior, or you can opt for the simpler fixed or tilt downlights in a variety of finishes such as chrome or brushed chrome for example. 
Crystal Downlight
Many kitchens are now built to include a kitchen island or breakfast bar, whilst others have a dining room table positioned also in the living area. This proves a perfect opportunity to install a pendant or several to create a statement light great for inspiring your kitchen. If you are fortunate to have both, we generally recommend putting the spotlights and ceiling lights on separate circuits so they can be turned on independently.
Under Cabinet Lights
As well as adding additional light to your ceiling lights, under cabinet lights offer a decorative ambient light when your ceiling lights are turned off and prove a wonderful ambient light in the dark evenings. Under cabinet lights are available in several varieties, which include strip-lights, under cabinet spotlights and led tape. Led tape is the latest design and boasts a wonderful option, due to it being cut to length you can illuminate cupboard lengths, more a less to the exact length which can prove a more tricky option when choosing other products. Led tape is available in several colour renderings and can also be selected in a colour change function which is great for using at certain times of the year such as Christmas or halloween. Led tape can also be installed on top of cupboards which can also prove a great addition to many homes.
Plinth Lighting
Lighting your plinths is more of a decorative idea than practical, however it can add a stylish look to your kitchen. When choosing plinth lights you want to ensure you space them out correctly and are happy they are not too bright to look at, as they are in view all of the time and it's not good to have your eyes straining that much that you never use them. 
Colour Rendering
When choosing lights and lamps for a kitchen one of the main questions you need to ask yourself is - What colour lamp/s do i want? Do they need to be dimmable. With kitchens often being practical areas cool white and daylight lamps are often preferred to warm white lamps as they offer a more crisp looking light in comparison and are often favoured in modern properties. However you may have a more traditional setting and want a more cosy environment, or maybe you have chosen glass pendants for over your island with decorative warm white led vintage lamps in them and want to match them. If this is the case warm white lamps may well be the best option for you. One tip we would give people is that you are always better having the option of more light than not enough, this is where a dimmer could prove handy and allow you to alter the light level to suit your chosen task.
For more information or for any assistance with kitchen lighting please don't hesitate to get in touch.