Ceiling Fans Like You've Never Seen Before

Ceiling fans can be found throughout many traditional home and business properties and serve an extremely practical service which is very beneficial, especially in the summer months. The majority of ceiling fans found in many properties tend to be a more traditional style, usually complete with a wood finish and/or traditional glass shades. With these kind of ceiling fans being the only option for such a long period of time, people with modern, contemporary properties have instantly looked for alternative products as they are not in-keeping with their home or business properties interior decor. This was in fact until very recently when modern and more up to date options became available, which we are very excited to be able to supply.

Example image:

Product on display: Mantra Tibet Mini Black

At WT Lighting, we now offer a large range of impressive, smart ceiling fans which all feature the most up to date LED technology. This means they consume just a fraction of the energy allowing them to be left on for longer time periods without having to worry about the consumption in comparison to the older versions. 

For example; The Alisio medium LED ceiling fan uses a maximum wattage of 70W which will provide a huge 4900 lumens. To put this into perspective, this is the equivalent of approximately an old 300W lightbulb.

Although this is a very high output and perfect for practical use in many rooms, we understand that the ceiling fans will be installed in other rooms such as bedrooms and living areas where a more subtle light is better suited. This is where the impressive smart features come into play. With all of the modern ceiling fans we supply, they are complete with a remote control and are compatible with an application which is available to download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This allows you to change the colour temperature of the light output ranging from warm white to cool white to daylight, and everything in-between. You can also dim the light down to a very low output. This makes the fans suitable for installation in a large variety of spaces and allows you to change the colour and brightness to suit your needs and activities. 


Using the Alisio medium LED ceiling fan as an example again; this uses a 35W DC reversible motor which also boasts some impressive features. The fan can be set at different speeds from the remote control by using the + and - buttons and by the mobile application simply using the sliding bar. On the fastest setting, this fan only produces 51.8dB which is very quiet, especially in comparison to the traditional ceiling fans and free standing fans. You can also set a timer for how long you wish for the fan to stay on for which is extremely convenient at night time.

On many models, there is an eco mode and night mode. The eco mode will set the fan to a certain speed that uses the least amount of energy whilst producing the best performance possible. Similarly, the night mode will set the fan to a sufficient speed designed to keep the room cool throughout the night whilst using the lowest consumption possible.

The motor also features a reversible mode which spins the fan in the opposite direction to push the warm air around the room, making the fan also have a practical use in the winter months.

Below is an example image of the mobile application and remote control:

As well as the remote control and mobile application, some of the ceiling fan models are compatible with Alexa and Google Voice Control Devices. You can therefore connect your ceiling fan to a device and ask it to set your fan or light to a certain setting or mode. This is perfect for people who are technology enthusiasts and people who have other smart home products and devices.


Please see example images below of some of the modern ceiling fans available:

Product displayed: Mantra Alisio Medium LED Ceiling Fan White


Product displayed: Mantra Himalaya LED Ceiling Fan Silver


Product displayed: Mantra Nepal LED Ceiling Fan White & Wood Finish


Product displayed: Mantra Tibet LED Ceiling Fan Black & Gold


Product displayed: Mantra Nature LED Ceiling Fan Black & Wood Finish


The majority of modern ceiling fans we supply have a low projection from the ceiling which means they can be installed in rooms with low ceiling heights. This is a benefit to a great number of modern homes as many new build properties tend to have lower ceiling heights than previous and more traditional buildings. Also, many new build properties are not fitted with wall lights therefore, with the modern ceiling fans able to produce a higher output of light than many standard light fixtures, this will help to cater for not having additional lighting such as wall lights available.


To see our full collection of modern LED ceiling fans please click the link below:

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