Recessed Crystal Downlights!

Did you know you could get recessed crystal downlights?
Inspire your interior with the addition of recessed crystal downlights and add a designer look to your interior. Whether you are building or moving into a new property, or want to update your existing home or business, adding these luxurious downlights is something you will have wished you had done sooner!
We get so many customers who come into our showroom once they have had standard recessed downlights installed wondering why they hadn't been offered or seen these wonderful crystal downlights before. We often get the following comments ;
  • Why haven't we been offered these crystal downlights?
  • I have never seen them before!
  • I wish i new about these before i had the standard downlights installed.
  • I wonder if we can change the downlights the electrician has just fitted.
We want to let people know that these stylish recessed downlights are available before customers opt for the standard recessed downlights and save them money and time whilst letting them choose what they wish for. Many customers are happy with the simple downlights, whether they are fixed, tiltable or even showerlights, however so many would of loved the option to choose from these more upmarket lights.
I know you maybe thinking these downlights will cost a fortune, but they really don't. On average you are looking at around £20.00 per unit, which proves you can upgrade new or existing lights at a reasonably cost effective price. You just need to consider that in many circumstances you may need a firehood, however these are reasonably low priced.
Check out the following link and see the wide range of crystal recessed downlights on offer.
For more information contact the sales office on 01782 319743 or email!