Hallway Lighting

When you mention the word hallway, do you instantly think of a large expansive walkway? Or do you think of a small corridor which leads to a lounge, kitchen or even stairway. Truth be told there are a mass of different sized hallways, in a variety of different shapes and sizes. When choosing the lighting for you hallway, you may consider spotlights, if you have a small narrow space with low ceiling heights, or alternatively you may select a flush ceiling light. On the other hand if you have a large, open hallway you maybe after a statement light to welcome visitors into your property, this could include an extravagant pendant or chandelier.

Hallways are often an entrance to another area of a property and are often only left on for short periods. With this being the case it is essential you pick a light fitting with a high lumen output, allowing you and your visitors to easily see where they are going. We offer several different variations of modern and traditional hallway lights, if you require any assistance choosing one please don't hesitate to contact us.