Kitchen Lighting

Trying to make your dream kitchen become a reality? Great lighting is an essential piece to the jigsaw. There are several different types of kitchen lighting. Whether it is recessed spots, under cabinet strips, or anything else it is crucial that you pick the right option for you. Whether you are cooking, working or even having a gathering, you want to ensure you have the correct light level, a great appearance and low wattage as a minimum.

Kitchens are one of the main areas in a house which are used the most frequently. With this being the case it makes great sense to put led lamps or at least low energy lamps in where possible allowing you to keep your electricity usage low. Kitchens can also be a very hot environment, if you opt for led lamps, they are cool running as opposed to incandescent or halogen lamps which get extremely hot. They also have a much longer life expectancy and also come with large guarantees. You are also able to choose a colour rendering to suit yourself. Got an ultra-modern kitchen then the crisp white led lamps will look great, however if you have a traditional kitchen you may opt for the safer warm white colour rendering. Dimming is an option that provides popular with many customers as this allows you to adjust the light level to what you are happy with. For example if you are cooking you may want maximum light, whilst if you are eating you may want reduced light.

If you have low ceilings it is ideal for recessed spots as this will produce an even light distribution around your kitchen. However there are options such as spotlights which allow you to manoeuvre the lamps so you can aim the light where required. Fluorescent lights are also a popular option as there are now more modern options to pick from whilst they also run low wattage and spread an even light, some people like the option of having a decorative flush fitting, so as you can see there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you are in the position of having high ceilings pendants may be the best option as you are able to choose the length to suit yourself. If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen island there is a wealth of pendants to choose from, whether it is a single or multi arm pendant you require there is a plenty to go at. Rise and fall pendants are also very popular meaning you can adjust the height whenever you require. It is well worth planning in advance so you can choose the light which best suits you.

Another important area is task lighting. For example under-cabinet lights which you can leave on when you don’t require the main lights. This may be when you are eating, for decoration, or even to work under or maybe you have a pet you like to leave the lights on for. There is an abundance of options to choose from including led strips, tape or discs, fluorescent strip lights just to name a few or maybe you would like the surface mounted circular or triangular under cabinet lamps.

If you require any information in regards to kitchen lighting please don’t hesitate to contact us. We advise when purchasing lights for a kitchen you opt for Led lamps, whilst ensuring that the kitchen is providing adequate lighting to work and cook under.