Living Room Lighting

Lounges are generally the most used room in the house, so it is essential to select the correct lighting for this particular living space. When choosing lighting for your lounge you need to think - do I want an outgoing, flamboyant light that everyone is going to look at and comment, on or do I want a decorative but simple light fitting which blends in well without pulling up any trees.

When selecting the lights for your lounge you need to consider if the main ceiling lights have matching wall lights, table or floor lamps, that’s if you need or want them to match that is. Many People will pick fittings which are simple flush fittings with glasses or shades, whilst others will pick a chandelier for example where they can match the shades to decoration in the lounge itself. You also need to consider if the room itself is generally starved of light or has an abundance of natural daylight coming through windows and doors. This is crucial as this may decide whether you need a brighter light, maybe with more arms or whether you can get away with one not so bright. A dimmer switch is also an option if you like to change lighting levels. When selecting the lighting it is also important you pick a fitting which fits the size of your room. Your ceiling height will more than likely decide if you’re able to have a flush/semi-flush fitting or if you can have a chandelier or pendant.

Floor and table lamps are ideal for reading and providing general ambiance, whilst wall lights add decoration and light, spotlights are ideal if you are attempting to light up that special portrait or a particular piece you would like to showcase. Picture lights are also available to light up those special pictures and paintings.

As lounges are generally used for several hours a day it is worth considering if the fitting you desire will take led or low energy lamps, as in the long run this will provide a substantial saving on electricity bills.