Bedroom Lighting Guide

When selecting bedroom lights you don’t want them to be harsh as the lighting will often be the same when first waking up in the morning as to going to bed in the evening. You want a calm ambient light which allows you to relax late at night. The good thing about picking a bedroom lights is you can literally pick what you want, whether you would like to fit a flamboyant crystal chandelier or a decorative simple flush fitting it is up to you. However it is worth bearing in mind that the light needs to be practical in allowing you to partake in everyday tasks.

Many People like to read or watch tv whilst in their bedrooms. Table lamps or wall lights can be added to supplement your ceiling light/s, allowing you to have an ambient light without relying on the main ceiling light, you can also save on electricity by using task lights. It may also be an idea to put your main lights on a dimmer switch so you can adapt the lighting levels to suit yourself. When choosing lighting for your bedroom people sometimes try and match bed covers to shades for example, whereas others just pick something they believe will look the part. It is important to pick a fitting which brings the best out of your room. If you have a dressing table where you put make-up on, or a desk which you work at, a table lamp may provide necessary light to work under.

If you have a child and are taking out the operation of decorating their bedroom, it is important to pick a light which provides suitable lighting levels, whilst also picking a light to match your child’s interests and hobbies. Are they interested in Cars, sports or are they into a Disney? It’s worth considering this when selecting. Generally a lot of children’s rooms have bright colours. If they have a desk it’s also worth considering if they need a light so they can partake their homework activities. You can also purchase nightlights if they don’t like sleeping in the dark, these provide a small light when the room is dark. It is also essential when picking a children’s light that you take into consideration the materials used for the light, For example glass shades may not be practical to have on a table lamp. It is also critical to ensure there are no loose wires knocking around in the room.

If you have any questions in regards to bedroom lighting please don’t hesitate to get in touch.