Exterior Lighting Guide

When attempting to light your garden and exterior living space, there are several different lighting options to consider. There is garden spike lights, security lights, flood lights, wall lights and post lights just to name a few. Similar to the bathroom there is an IP Chart due to the lights being outside meaning they need to be waterproof. You can get certain lights which are splash proof and others which are fully submergible for if you would like to put them in a pond for example.

Exterior lighting is important as it allows pathways to be lit and also means you are able to see what you are doing if you arrive late or night or need to go out first thing in the morning. Security lights are also very practical as they come on when alerted by a motion sensor. Floods are also available with PIR units, they will light up a large section of your exterior living space when activated. Spike lights allow you to light up specific areas of your garden, such as a tree or plant or maybe even a water feature or statue. Wall Lights and post lamps, as well as pedestals are ideal for general light allowing you or visitors a clear view of where they are going, whether that be on the front of your house, end of your drive or wherever you require. There is a vast selection to choose from, you can also purchase marine graded products if you live near the coast.

PIR and dusk to dawn motion sensors are available separately or built in on fittings. A PIR is triggered by heat movement, this will then switch the light on for an allotted time which is set on the PIR to allow you to choose the length of time the light remains lit. Dusk to dawn sensors work slightly differently, they come on in the evening when it is dark and will switch off when it becomes light in the morning.

It is great to have some exterior lighting in the summer for those late parties or barbecues. This allows the party to go on late into the night. Waterproof sockets are also available with remote control allowing you to turn lights on from inside your house if you want that additional extra.If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.