WT Lighting accepts payments via the following methods;

When a customer is purchasing goods online, they will have the option to pay with all major credit and debit cards including American Express, which are processed by the secure payment gateway Stripe. We also accept payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal, along with the option to buy now and pay later with Klarna.

Alternative payment methods;

 - Bacs payment

- Card payments in person in our showroom

- Telephone payment (Certain criteria will need to be met)

How do they work?


Stripe is a hugely successful payment gateway handling a huge quantity of transactions worldwide and is found on thousands of websites. When purchasing form us customers will be asked to provide their payment details, including, card number, expiry date and security number as well as the address to which the payment card is registered to.

Once all the details are entered, the payment information is securely transmitted to a payment gateway, which encrypts the date and forwards it to the processor. The payment processor will then forward the transaction details to the acquiring bank (the Business’s Bank) which will forward the information to the issuing bank (Customers bank). The issuing bank will make sufficient checks to verify the customer and ensure they have the sufficient funds or credit to complete the purchase. At this point the transaction will be accepted or declined.

The payment processor will then inform the the business of the outcome of whether the transaction was successful or not. Providing the payment is accepted we will then process the order and the funds will leave the customers banks and be paid to the business’s bank account. To make payments even smoother and faster you can create a stripe account. For more information on Stripe please - Click here


Very similar to Stripe, Paypal is a hugely popular payment gateway that will apply the same processing procedure as stripe. As mentioned above it is used worldwide and is one of the most commonly used payment platforms. For more information on Paypal please - Click here


Klarna is a payment gateway which allows you to spread the cost of your order over 3 instalments. The first payment will be collected when the purchase is made, the 2nd will be taken after 30 days and the 3rd and final payment will be collected after 60 days. It is essential if you opt to pay via Klarna that you pay on time as if you make late payments, similar to a credit card you maybe charged additional fees. For more information please visit the following page - Klarna

Apple And Google Pay

To make smooth and effortless payments we offer the option of payments via Apple and Google pay. This is a system which allows you pay with a click of a button, via your smartphone or tablet where your details are pre-registered. This allows you to shop with ease knowing you checkout swiftly, with ease when you need to.