Kitchen Island Lights

Kitchen islands are becoming a must when buying new properties and many people buying older properties are transforming kitchens and dining rooms into an open plan environment with the kitchen island/breakfast bar proving the centre of attention. If you already have a kitchen island in your property then you probably realise the use and importance of lighting this area correctly. Whether you are after that statement light, or more reserved timeless product/s we have something for everyone. When selecting a kitchen island light you need to ask yourself the question, is this my main light? Or have i got other lighting such as spotlights situated around the kitchen, this is essential and of major importance when filtering the lights you can choose from. If it is your only light, you need to choose a product with a large lumen output as a kitchen is a practical area and it is essential that you can carry out daily task with easy, however if you have spotlights elsewhere, it may not be as essential that the light offers the same output. Obviously you could select a bright light/s and have them controlled via a dimmer if required.

When selecting a kitchen island light, the size of the island and electrical input will be a deciding factor. Do you need a 3 light bar, or single pendant, or maybe you are spacing pendants individually? If you have a large island and 1 electrical connection, this may also point you towards a bigger, maybe longer light fitting. We also sell led tape which many customers use to illuminate the perimeter of there kitchen island, along with the other lights the question to ask maybe, cool white or warm white and even in the tapes instance whether you wish to colour change?We have something for everyone at WT Lighting and would advise anyone who requires any assistance to contact the sales team for more help.