Where do i start? The vast array of lightbulbs on offer now is a headache for many customers, but rest assured at WT Lighting we boast a huge selection of both new and old now discontinued lamps for sale, we also have years of experience regarding lamps as some staff members boast over 30 years experience in the trade! The majority of lamps now are all led, this is down to them being cost effective with low running costs, and offering very little heat output in comparison to the older halogen and incandescent lamps. We stock a full range of led lamps in all the most popular colour renderings including warm white, cool white and daylight and also offer dimmable versions. Lightbulbs are manufactured in a an array of different caps,  however the most common nowadays tend to be E27, E14, B22, GU10 and G9. Customers are often choosing decorative lamps now in a way to add a unique, decorative look to their light fittings, they can often be seen in industrial inspired lamps and the idea has been very successful in the pub and restaurant trade and has followed on into customers homes.

When selecting a lightbulbs or more you need to ask yourself do i need a large light output or is it a more decorative ambient output i require? For example a kitchen is used as a practical area and requires a crisp bright light, however you may have floor lamp in your lounge you leave on whilst watching tv, where you may require a softer glow, that provides some light but more of a cosy, decorative light.

Unfortunately due to the huge selection of lamps available and fragile nature behind many of these lamps, we offer a standard selection online, however we stock many more at our Staffordshire showroom and can obtain many more.

For more information, contact the sales team now.