Bathroom Lighting Guide

When it comes to choosing lighting for your bathroom you may face a few obstacles. This is the wettest/steamiest room in the house, hence safety is essential and there are strict guidelines to follow.  Due to the dampness of the room there are certain IP (Ingress Protection) ratings which must be adhered to.

Do not be daunted by the regulations, as there are lots of different lights to choose from including recessed spotlights, bulkheads, wall lights, decorative flush fittings and even chandeliers.  In the IP ratings chart there are several different zones that determine which light you are able to select. Once you have worked out which are appropriate, you should then ensure the fitting you choose will provide sufficient light to perform everyday tasks like shaving or brushing your teeth, while also ensuring a lighting level which will enable you to relax if taking a bath, for example.

Apart from a general light it is also worth considering if you have a particular feature on the wall, a cabinet, or perhaps even a mirror you wish to enhance by lighting.

When turning on the main light it is likely you will be using a pull cord bathroom switch to provide optimum safety. It is also important to ensure your circuits are protected by an appropriate RCD.

It is essential you follow the current IP rating regulations when purchasing your light/s, as an electrician will not fit the product/s you purchase if they don’t fall in line with the regulations. If you have any queries in regards to your bathroom lighting, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to help. Please see the Ip rating chart below for more information.